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Finding the Perfect “Go to” Cocktail dress

After years of going to events in uncomfortable, useless and awkward cocktail dresses that get worn once, i’ve found it’s easiest to follow these three questions to Find the perfect “Go to” cocktail dress.


“Am I  comfortable?”

The dreaded question that runs through every woman’s head while trying to find the perfect dress. Don’t over think this question. Do not force yourself to go through an event pulling down a dress, hiking up your panty hose or even messing with the itchy tag. When you put on a dress it should feel comfortable, freeing, and most importantly you should feel like the confident, beautiful woman you are. Trust me, don’t go for the itchy dress that won’t be worn ever again. It can be hard to be honest to yourself.

”Will I wear this again?”

It’s tough to give the certain answer of “Yes I will wear this again” but hey! Why spend money if you aren’t getting the bang for your buck! When I look for dresses at shows I look for versatility, and what’s the newest styles! Baby Shower? Work Party? Saratoga Track Day? or a night on the town? I want the clothing that leaves my store to be worn and absolutely loved while being worn. I wear every piece myself, how am I supposed to sell something I don’t love or wear myself! Versatility is key!

“ Do love it?” 

While in the store, you’ll come across myself or one of my sales ladies asking this very important question. “Do you love it” at Effie’s we say you have to absolutely love it to wear it confidently!

These are the three key questions to ask yourself to find the perfect “Go to” cocktail dress. In the store my favorite cocktail brand with the most versatility is Likely. Likely not only has great versatility, it has a thick, secure and comfortable fabric used on the cocktail dresses. I’ve worn each dress multiple times & absolutely love the confidence I feel when wearing them. We all have certain characteristics we want to hide but instead of hiding them, Likely accentuates the characteristics I love about myself! I attached a quick to link to the newest Likely’s on our website! Happy Shopping loves!

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